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About Us

The University of Queensland’s Women’s Network (UQWN) was founded in December 2019 as the university’s first multi-disciplinary student society. We are dedicated to providing a range of opportunities and an inclusive environment for all students at the university.

What We Do

The UQWN hosts networking and recruitment events and provides students with inspirational speakers from all career stages and industries. We run workshops for technical and soft skill development and offer opportunities to expand our members network at student-led social events.

Through the UQWN offerings, we aim to equip our members with the confidence and the necessary skills and network to pursue opportunities within male-dominated professional fields.

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Create a community of women from a variety of backgrounds who encourage one another to confidently pursue their career ambitions.

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Provide a platform for women to develop skills both personally and professionally.

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Facilitate the discussion between students and industry regarding the progression of women in the workplace all year round.

Like what we do?

Join UQWN and be part of UQ's inaugural multi-disciplinary network.

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